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YES YES YES! Finally a really good pizza place in DSS!

Food: The Pizza and sauce are a pair made in heaven. The toppings make it THAT MUCH better! Tried the Supremo (w/o black olives) — EVERYTHING was FRESH! The caramelized onions were delish!

The oven baked buffalo wings were quite flavorful and juicy! Beware: the wings are BAKED not FRIED, so don’t allow the dark red color inside to fool you (they’re cooked!) 🙂

Service: Everyone was helpful! Since we sat at the bar we had the honor of being served by the gentleman (who we assumed was a manager of some sort). He was very nice and greeted us immediately with a smile! How welcoming! 🙂 The food didn’t take too long, especially for it being FRESH!

Ambiance: Feels like sitting at your own kitchen counter, awaiting delicious homemade meals! Comforting! We sat at the bar and watched the game while we enjoyed food and brews!

Side Note: They may be adding delivery soon! (Can’t wait!) Bye bye Papa Johns! LoL

Cherrelle L.

Silver Spring, MD, Yelp Review

Had to visit a customer on Fenton and noticed this restaurant had opened up. Ordered the Roma sandwich. Absolutely fantastic!!!! Seriously, one of the best sandwiches I have had in years. Hope they are around for a loooooong time and when they do start delivering, they find their way to Chevy Chase……

100% worth a try!!!!

Darren P.

Silver Spring, MD, Yelp Review

“Food was excellent, owner was really nice, enjoyed the visit”

I had a very delicious spinach ravioli, which had just the right amount of salt, spice, and sauce. And my partner had a great wild mushrooms pizza. We were a little worried the place might be noisy because the walls are all glass, or wood, and there are three or four big TVs, but it wasn’t noisy at all. Volume on the televisions was off, and there was music, but it was low.

We had a great time, and will definitely come again.


Hyattsville, MD, Trip Advisor

Stopped in for dinner here. I had the chicken Parmesan panini – it was awesome. They bake their own focaccia, and it makes all the difference in the sandwich. The panini is very big, so you get a lot of food for a low price.

Service was good, the cashier was friendly.  Our food took no more than ten minutes.

We are glad to have found such a good place! Definitely will return.

Ileana W.

Silver Spring, MD, Yelp Review

Was craving a slice of pizza and stopped in here.  The cashier took his time to explain what makes them special.  At first I thought “of course, everyone will say this”…and then it happened.  I got home and tasted it.  AH-MAY-ZING!!  I’ll definitely be back.  Service was great, too!!

Kier M.

Washington, DC, Yelp Review

“Italian Kitchen Lives Up To Its Name”

Italian Kitchen just opened on July 28, but their food is so mouth-watering, you’d think they’d been in business for years. I went with a friend on a recent Friday night and by the size of the crowd, the locals are already discovering this restaurant — with good reason. My Italian Calzone was cooked to perfection and packed full with filling; it was so large, it was easily 2 meals. My friend had the Spinach Salad with Chicken added and he ate every bite. We also had the Bruschetta Bella Napoli as a starter, about which he replied that it was “one of the best bruschettas” he had ever had — and I concurred. The combination of bread, olive oil, tomatoes and spices melted in our mouths; we were both surprised at how good it was. Italian Kitchen makes the most of their space with cafeteria-style seating and a few tables for small groups. Non-alcoholic drinks are self-serve, and they have wine and beer. The restroom I used was clean. All in all, a delicious, authentically-Italian experience at a very reasonable price.

Elsa F.

Silver Spring, MD, Trip Advisor

Food is fresh, cooked to order, and very tasty. I had a panini, my husband the chicken Parmesan, and my son cheese pizza. All were delicious. Will definitely go back. Also, the chef who brought us our food was very friendly.

Christina W.

Silver Spring, MD, Yelp Review

Excellent lunch specials.  Eight bucks gets you a huge panini, unremarkable chips and a Jones fountain drink.  We had 3 panini a: the Caprese, Italian and Portobello.  All were excellent, particularly the Portobello.  Bread was delicious- homemade focaccia.  Looking forward to returning to check out their pizza and pasta.

David S.

Silver Spring, MD, Yelp Review

“Great new addition to Silver Spring!”

We just ate at the Italian Kitchen. They have a long menu of interesting paninis, pizzas, calzones, and some pastas. We ordered two of the small pizzas: the roasted eggplant and the prima. The crust was great, the pizza was a perfect size for one person (we shared, and had leftovers) and the toppings were plentiful and good. We saw the Italian calzone as it was being boxed up for a take-out order, and it was huge. (But it looked great!) The pizza and calzone dough are all homemade. Tony, one of the owners, said they plan to make their own pasta in the next few months. The owners have taken lots of care with the inside of the restaurant–check out the wooden wall that they pieced together by hand. The place is small, with a a long communal table and small individual tables. Drinks are very reasonably priced. I can’t wait to return and try something else.


Silver Spring, MD, Trip Advisor

This place satisfies my inner Italian more than any other place I know. I’ve been here twice. First time, I had the portobello panini and the Italian panini. Solid winners. Then, I came and ordered a custom calzone with chicken, artichoke hearts and basil. To die for! It doesn’t hurt that the ambiance is that of a great neighborhood joint, the ingredients are fresh and plentiful and the service is great!

Jackie S.

Silver Spring, MD, Yelp Review

My wife and I stopped for a quick bite after an evening moving.  great casual place.  I enjoyed  the manicotti, a good serving at a very fair price.  The sauce was tasty.  My wife went for the portabella panni and was taken back by the size,  was enough for her lunch today.

The only reason I haven’t given it a fifth star, was that we didn’t experience the place with a crowd and the kitchen under more pressure.  So yes, do check it out.

Bill M.

Silver Spring, MD, Yelp Review

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